Recruitment Solutions: Search, Selection And Recruitment Of Professionals

  1. Advertisements in Newspapers
  2. Using Our own databank
  3. Job Portals
  4. Magazines
  5. Screening the Database Executive Search
  6. Head Hunting inputs from the Research Cell

Entry Level Recruitment Solutions (ELRS)

  1. Campus Hiring solutions
  2. Off- Campus Hiring Services
  3. Helps in connecting the Corporate to
  4. Engineering Graduates
  5. Management Graduates
  6. Technical Graduates
  7. From more than 12 States and 300 Institutes and Universities.

Our Key Skills

  1. Simplifying , Reducing and Helping in Streamlining the recruitment process
  2. Providing Support for complete Recruitment Process and event Management
  3. Branding, Transmitting information to the Candidate/ Institute in Pre- Post Recruitment Phase
  4. Positioning your Organization as an Equal Opportunity Employer
  5. HR to focus more on Strategic Initiatives/ Core Competence
  6. Expansion of Recruitment Team without any Direct Employee Considerations
  7. Define, Track key metrics related to Recruitment
  8. SOFT METRICS: Quality of candidates
  9. HARD METRICS: Time and Cost to hire
  10. High Level of Accountability through Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators
  11. Strengthening Academic- Cooperate Relationship

At MTK Technologies

We Ensure……

  1. Hiring the Right Talent
  2. Hands- Free Recruitment Process
  3. For the Right Position
  4. At the Right Time
  5. In the Right Location

And Many More……….